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This year's first rally will be Friday September 6th - Go Lancers!  

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Summer Rising Academy 2014

This summer almost 40 incoming Freshmen participated in the second annual Tennyson High School Summer Rising Academy. Students participated in math, art, and study skills classes. Students learned skills they will need for high school, go on field trips to colleges and museums, meet classmates and teachers, and learn the Tennyson campus before actually starting in the Fall.  

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Posted by: Allison Zuckerbrow
Published: 8/25/14


Attention Tennyson High School students and parents! This is a reminder that as of January 6, 2014, the dress code policy will be more strictly enforced. Parents and students should be advised of the following inappropriate attire

Apparel that is red or blue in color. This includes but is not limited to shoes, backpacks, bandanas, undershirts, hats and jewelry. Blue jeans are considered acceptable attire and is the only exception of this rule.

Other items also considered inappropriate are apparel that shows the midriff or is see-through, shirts with a revealing neckline, revealing shorts, Gold or fake teeth, and any attire or backpacks that display or imply weapons, gambling, gangs, drug/alcohol/tobacco or criminal activity, profane or obscene words and phrases or sexually explicit comments or symbols.

In the event a student is found wearing inappropriate attire, they will be referred to the office. Parents or guardians will be contacted so that they may bring something more appropriate for the students to wear. In the event appropriate attire cannot be brought to school for the student, that student may be sent home to change. Consequences will be given, in accordance with the Tennyson High School discipline policy, for repeated offenses.

We ask for your support in these areas to help keep your children safe and in a positive learning environment. Thank you for taking the time to read this important message. We are dedicated to the success of each and every student at Tennyson High School and are grateful for the opportunity to work with all of you as parents to ensure that success for your child.

Cass Fovel #340 School Resource Officer