Tennyson High School


Packet pick up for registration will be on August 3rd, 2017! More information to come.



Hey Tennyson High School staff, students & families! 


Come out and enjoy the 49ers-Broncos' game on Saturday, Aug.19th at 7pm.  Your ticket purchase will help raise money for the Tennyson High football program, Tickets are only $40 ($20 goes to our program)  and you can order your tickets on the link below. Make sure to follow the prompts and list "Tennyson High School" as your group. If we get 50 people to attend then the 49ers will put Tennyson High up on the jumbotron. We 're gonna have a good time at the game, so please come! Thank you for your time!


Link: https://fevo.me/2v5yFV6