Tennyson High School

View this PowerPoint for details on graduation requirements and A-G requirements.

THS Graduation & A-G Requirements Presentation

A-G Requirements

Some classes at Tennyson High School count for graduation credit only and some count for both graduation and college A-G credit.  A-G requirements must be fulfilled for any student wishing to continue on directly at a "4-year" University. 


Q: What's the difference between A-G and Graduation Requirements?

A: A-G Requirements are a set of classes that both the UC and CSU systems have determined are essential for success at a "4-year" University. In order to meet the A-G requirement, students must pass those classes with a C- or higher. 


Q: I'm going to Chabot.  Do I need to fulfill the A-G requirements?
A: While students starting out at a two-year community college such as Chabot do not need to fulfill the A-G requirements they are encouraged to still pursue a rigorous high school curriculum consisting of as many A-G courses as possible, particularly in English and Math so that they can place into college-level English and Math classes.  

A-G Requirements

A-G Requirements