Tennyson High School


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Tennyson High School Football Program

The Lancer football program is a close-knit family that prides itself on nurturing a positive, goal-driven environment in which our student-athletes learn the importance of respect, commitment, team work, and diligence. 

Our staff strives to give our players a positive and rewarding experience that develops character and creates relationships and memories that will positively impact them for the rest of their lives. We push them to be accountable and always give their best. We are proud of their growth and development and the manner in which they represent our school. We love our kids! Go Lancers!


THS Football Coach Information

Varsity Head Coach:

Terry Smith, terry32smith@hotmail.com

J.V. Head Coach:

Marcus Reed, marcus236us@yahoo.com

Lancer Football Highlights

2011 Player Highlights' Videos

Former Lancer Football Highlights