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CMMA - Community Multimedia Academy

What is CMMA?


CMMA Academy

The Community Multimedia Academy is a small learning community at Tennyson High School that integrates computer technology, multimedia, social justice issues, and community service. CMMA students work closely with a team of teachers for three years, meeting college (a-g) entrance requirements and learning valuable multimedia skills.

How is CMMA different from the traditional academic program at Tennyson High School?

  • Integrated Curriculum

Core classes in English, Social Studies, and Art are integrated thematically with Multimedia courses, linking California state standards to core subjects and socially relevant projects.

  • Project Based Learning

Students create projects linked to core academic subjects, as well Art and Multimedia.  By the end of the year, students prepare and present a digital portfolio before parents, peers, teachers and community members.

  • Family Atmosphere

Emphasis on providing a nurturing family structure where parents, students and academy teachers work closely together to ensure student success.

  • Summer Internships

During the summer of their junior year, students are placed in internships, where they gain valuable skills and community service.

  • Mentoring

During their junior year, CMMA students participate in an electronic mentoring program.

  • Multimedia

Students learn and become proficient in web design, digital image and video editing, desktop publishing and page layout and podcasting.

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CMMA Staff

Sandra Navarro 
History Teacher

Jaynee Ruiz
Viscom & History Teacher

Judy Okolie
MultiMedia Teacher

Charlie Stephens
English Teacher

Kristina Verdile 
History Teacher

Bharat Mehta
Science Teacher

Diana Vazquez
CMMA Counselor