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Staff Directory

To reach a staff member below, dial (510) 723-3190 then the 5-digit extension.

Administrative & Office Staff

Name Administration Phone Ext
Estrada. Veronica Principal 63102
Vigil, Kathy Office Manager 63103
Malcolm, Aimee Assistant Principal, World House 63145
Esquivez, Gabriela Assistant Principal, Last Name A-F 63104
Taylor, Randy Assistant Principal, Last Name G-Z 63122
Frey, Amy Youth Intervention Specialist 63224
Henriquez, Claudia Support Secretary 63108


Name Counselor Phone Ext
Chenault, Adriana Last Name A-C, AVID 63121
Garcia, Cheri Last Name D-J, Puente 63161
Medina, Diana World House 63150
Santoyo, Guadalupe Last Name M-S 63126
Vazquez, Diana Last Name KT-Z, CMMA 631224


Name Attendance Phone Ext
Frye, Jayne Last Names A-L 63113
Blackburn, Linda Last Names M-Z 63111
Navarro, Guadalupe Bilingual Attendance 63107
Teaching Staff
Name Department Phone Ext
Aguilus, Maria Elena Special Education 63208
Alfaro, Susana Science 63216
Ammons, Floyd Math, Dept. Chair 63226
Astorga, Javier Social Sciences 63241
Ayala, Evelyn Social Sciences 63250
Barnett, Searcy English 63263
Bolender, Greg Physical Education 63427
Bradford, Zennaita Career Technical Education 63221
Bui, Tayson Activities Director 63254
Caruz, Milagros Math

63230 (D10)
63253 (D6)

Chon, Jin Visual & Performing Arts 63272
Craven-Neely, Ernest Special Education 63251
Davis, Rona Special Education 63203
Deleon, Donna World House/AVID

63297 (1st only)
63293 (ELD office)

Demortier, Marcelle World Languages (French) 63225
Dixon-Sorogane, Constance Special Education 63211
Duenas, Sara Math 63232
Elliott, Christina English 63294
Feeney, Michael Math 63235
Gallardo, Analleli Social Sciences 63243
Galli, Lisa Special Education 63248
Gonzalez, Ana World Languages (Spanish) 63279
Herrero, Tonia Visual & Performing Arts 63222
Hong, June Math 63231
Hurtado, Patricia Visual & Performing Arts 63415
Jones, Charles

Social Sciences

Juarez, Joel Math 63229
Kelly, Karen Science 63207
Kiel, Jesse English 63271
Kohl, Amy Physical Education, Dept. Chair 63426
Lee, Jeong Special Education 63553
Legakis, Andriana English 63249
Lenahan, Hugh Social Sciences 63424
Lynch, Chris Special Education 63238
Malik, Rupika Science, Dept. Chair 63148
Mangalindan, Felix English 63261
Mason, Ann Special Education 63258
Mclean, Dominique Special Education, Dept. Chair 63280
Mehta, Bharat Science 63219
Mielke, Joseph Visual & Performing Arts 63414
Milan, Megan Health 63425
Moreno, Keith Math 63223
Murillo-Aguilar, Bianca English 63260
Najarro, Mauricio World Languages (Spanish) 63249
Navarro, Sandra Social Sciences, Dept. Chair 63237
Okolie, Judy Career Technical Education, CMMA 63245
Olmedo, Antonio Math 63227
Perry, Adam Math 63228
Ramirez, Ramiro English, Puente 63244
Reneberg, Susan Science 63214
Ruddell, Dwight Social Sciences 63247
Rudy, Stewart English 63257
Ruiz, Jaynee Social Sciences 63240
Sagapolu, Rachel English, Dept. Chair 63266
Sambi, Avnit Science 63218
Sandoval, Jose Science 63215
Schrade, Randy Math 63234
Severson, Norma World Languages 63265
Shin, Angela Visual & Performing Arts, Dept. Chair 63236
Smith, Terry Physical Education 63427
Solbakken, Janet Math, Dept. Chair 63233
Stephens, Charlie English 63239
Stern, Ward English 63267
Suhova, Tatyana English 63246
Torres, Argenis Physical Education 63427
Valdez, Yvonne English 63264
Vander Poel, Geneva English 63225
Verdile, Kristina Social Sciences 63256
Watson, Leslie Science 63213
Weller, Ryan English 63252
White, Kian Science 63277

Updated 9/25/19