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Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center

Call OR Text Us! 

At (510) 690-6048 to make an appointment!

Our Mission

We are dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of our community by providing accessible, high quality care.

Our individual and organizational commitment is to ensure this human right through quality service, advocacy and community empowerment.

Our Vision

Our vision involves a sophisticated integration of health delivery systems and collaborations to ensure that TVHC functions as a comprehensive, fiscally viable, and culturally competent system of health care while addressing the root causes of health care disparities and empowering our community. This vision is supported by:

* A commitment to serve vulnerable populations

* Comprehensive, integrated service delivery with a focus on primary care

* Patient-centered care

* Opportunities for growth presented by health care reform

About Us: 
Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center, Youth Health Services provides students a safe and convenient space with the quality medical health care they need to succeed in school and become productive members of their community.
Providing medical and confidential services to ALL students at no cost. Sport physicals may vary. 


Medical Services: 
Medical Services are provided for all students BUT parent consent is needed to receive services. A school-based consent should have been provided in your school packets or you can stop by the health center and pick one up. 

Services Include: 
First Aid (medication, minor illnesses, ECT) | Physicals (annual / sport) | Immunization  
FREE & CONFIDENTIAL Reproductive Health Services:
Pregnancy Testing   | Condoms & Birth Control Options    |   Plan B   |   STI Testing & Treatment | Health Education - Open Conversation/Support (healthy relationship, body image, nutrition, sexuality and gender identity, stress and more)
Confidential services DO NOT need parent consent and are FREE to all students.  


    According to California laws, minors, ages 12 and up, can consent to their own treatment for problems or concerns in the areas of sexuality, mental health and substance abuse. Health centers are obligated to protect minor confidentiality from parents or guardians if they are seen for any sensitive services. 


Our Staff

Antonieta Garcia: Apporinment Clerk / Medical Receptionist

Lorena Quintero: Medical Assistant

Monica Guitron: Nurse

Jonathan Flores: Health Educator

Kallyn Rogers: Nurse Practicioner

Shawny Pena: Supervisor

Joanne Vargas: Manager

Patty Garcia: CAFE Program Coordinator

Peers Advocate

       The health center also provides an after-school group for any student to join. Peers advocate is a safe space where students can come together to express themselves and gain support from their peers/staff. Peers will cover topics of what high school students go through day by day. 


For any questions or concerns feel free to stop by or contact Health Educator.


Join @


CAFÉ is a supportive place for Spanish speaking parents and caregivers to discuss parenting, health, legal, community and school system related topics. The goal of the group is to increase our learning and knowledge base to gain confidence in the community and plan activities to increase parent involvement and address parent needs and concerns.


CAFÉ is held on Wednesdays at Tennyson High School from: 9am to 11am in room A2

Contact Us:

Phone | 510-690-6048

Manager |