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Summer Search Recruitment Now Open
Posted 11/9/21

Summer Search is looking for high school sophomores who are open to new experiences.

During the recruitment process, Summer Search will be looking for some evidence of the following qualities:

Self-reflection – The desire to learn about oneself.
Empathy – The ability to experience or understand another’s experience, feelings, or point of view.
Agency – The awareness of how one’s everyday choices impact their life.
Adaptive Skills – The ability to adjust behaviors in varying situations.
Follow-through – the willingness to complete tasks with or without support.

To be eligible for Summer Search during the 2021-2022 school year, students must meet the following criteria:
-Be a high school sophomore.
-Meet the federal free/reduced lunch guidelines. (Those can be found online at
-Be available for a summer program for 2-4 weeks this summer and next summer. Be a student at one of our partner schools.

Here are some helpful links to some helpful information to learn more about the program:


  1. Summer Search Video

*It is the same video on two different platforms*

  1. Summer Search Nomination Form
  2. Summer Search Sophomore Application
  3. Summer Search Application Walkthrough - YouTube

Please reach out to Ms. Chenault at