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School Counseling

Meet your Tennyson High School Academic Counselors. We can assist you and your family with the following

  • Academic Guidance (Graduation, College).
  • Personal Counseling Referrals.
  • Credit Recovery (Cyber High, Chabot)
  • Financial Aid and Scholarships

Counselors hours are from 8:15am - 4:00pm. To schedule an appointment please stop by during lunch or after school, call, email or submit a counselor request.  

Counselor Assignments 

A-C and AVID

Adriana Chenault

x 63121

D-J and Puente

Cheri Garcia


K-N and CMMA

Diana Vazquez

x 63124


Lupe Santoyo 

x 63126

World House

Diana Medina

x 63150

                                                                                                                                  Additional Counseling Support

College and Career Center

Maria Orozco

x 63144

Biomedical Science Pathway 



Upward Bound Project

Cynthia Muro



Stacy Feng


HPN/Chabot College

Diego Gaviño

School Psychologist

Omar Aguilar




Farin Ealy

COST Specialist



Counselor Mission Statement

The counseling department strives to provide students and families with college and career readiness and access to post graduation pathways.  Our goal is to take a holistic approach in meeting the needs of our student community, including career, social, emotional, and academic growth.

Keep Calm Your Counselor Can Help