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Infinite Campus Access

Infinite Campus Access Instructions

For instructions on how to create your account, please visit


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If you’ve been wondering how your student is doing, and can’t wait for the progress or quarter report cards, you’ll want to sign up for Infinite Campus! If you’ve been wondering what assignments your students are missing or if they’ve been tardy, you’ll want to sign up for Infinite Campus! If you’ve been wondering what big assignments your student has coming up, you’ll want to sign up for Infinite Campus!

What is Infinite Campus?

Infinite Campus is an online program that lets teachers and administrators keep track of student grades and attendance. Hayward Unified School District has been using Infinite Campus for the past school year (2013-2014), and now we’re ready to share with parents! It’s the 21st century, after all.

How do I sign up?

To the left, there is an Acceptable Use Policy and Login Application. Download the form and fill it out, then bring it to your student’s school. You only need to fill out one form for all of your students who attend a school in HUSD. Make sure to bring ID so we can verify that you are the parent or legal guardian (the last thing we’d want is for some strange person to see your student’s personal information).

What next?

After the district processes your forms, you will receive an email with an Activation Key. You’ll use this code to activation your account on Please check your SPAM folder/box as parents have reported that they have found the email there.

What’s this I hear about a phone app?

You’re absolutely correct! Infinite Campus is available for the iPhone and Android. You can get push notifications and alerts instantly with the app, and you don’t need to sign into a computer to check your students’ progress. You can download the Infinite Campus Mobile App from the App Store or the Play Store. When prompted for the District ID, type in JJRRZH. For more help about the mobile app, click here.

I have more questions!

If you have more questions about using or accessing Infinite Campus, please fill out the Parent Portal Help Request Form.