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Hayward Promise Neighborhood

The Hayward Promise Neighborhood (HPN) Initiative has a vision that all children growing up in the Promise Neighborhood will:

1) Be prepared for school

2) Be supported in and out of school

3) Succeed academically and graduate high school

4) Enroll in college or workforce training after high school graduation

5) Enter a productive career


Elementary, middle, or high school students who live in the South Hayward Neighborhood OR attend one of the following schools: *ALL students at Tennyson HS are a part of HPN and the services that are offered

- Tennyson High School

- Cesar Chavez Middle School

- Burbank Elementary

- Ruus Elementary

- Tyrrell Elementary

Cradle to career Education Reform network

Supports and services provided to improve cradle to career education for HPN students:

- Mentorship and tutoring opportunities for students;

- Quality after school and enrichment programming;

- Parents engagement and support through the Hayward Unified School District parent centers;

- College and career readiness support;

- Curriculum alignment, early decision, early assessment programs and intervention collaborations between Chabot College and HPN target high schools.

For additions services, you can click HERE for more information.

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Diego Gaviño 

HPN Outreach Specialist

At Tennyson HS on Monday's and Wednesday's between 8:30am - 4pm

Robin Galas

HPN Grant Coordinator


(510) 723-7570