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Important Dates

All workshops/events will take place in the College & Career Center unless otherwise stated below.

Check out the Community College Success Series Schedule in the middle of the page for workshop dates for seniors!


FREE Money for College!

ALL students should be applying to scholarships. Scholarships are FREE money for college. If you need help filling out an application, please stop by the College & Career Center, WE CAN HELP!

This is a list of scholarships that you can apply to this school year!!

What to do during winter break?

Make sure to use winter break wisely! Fill out as many scholarship applications as you can! FREE MONEY! If you need scholarships to fill out during winter break, be sure to stop by the College & Career Center to pick up one of our scholarship lists or print the form above. You can also sign up for the scholarship email list that Ms. Zuckerbrow runs to receive emails about upcoming scholarship deadlines. Sign up here:

Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP)

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What is EAOP?

EAOP is a state-wide college preparatory program sponsored by the University of California. For over 30 years, EAOP has helped students prepare for college by creating a community of young scholars and offering college-preparatory advising and academic enrichment opportunities. EAOP at UC Berkeley currently serves approximately 3,000 students from San Francisco, Contra Costa and Alameda counties.

The mission of EAOP at UC Berkeley is to prepare students from under-resourced communities for admission to colleges and universities. Students who are enrolled at an EAOP Partner School and maintain a 2.8 GPA or higher in their college preparatory coursework are eligible to apply to the program. Priority is given to students from low-income families and/or students who will be the first in their family to go to college. In general, students are invited to apply during the spring of their 9th grade year.

We accomplish our mission by:

  • Offering intensive academic enrichment opportunities including preparation for college entrance exam
  • Providing timely college preparatory information and advising
  • Creating workshops for parents to help them better support their students on their journey to college 

What resources does EAOP provide?

Academic Enrichment For over 20 years, EAOP has offered the Pre-College Academy, an intensive 6-week program on the Berkeley campus that exposes high school students to rigorous coursework in advanced mathematics, college writing, and other academic subjects. EAOP also enrolls students in college-level courses at local community colleges and at UC Berkeley Summer Sessions.  

Test Preparation The Saturday SAT Academy provides students with intensive coursework and practice on SAT Reasoning test-taking strategies.

Academic Advising EAOP provides regular monitoring of student academic performance that helps students stay on track for college. EAOP also creates an Individual Academic Plan for each student that maps which college preparatory (a-g) courses and college entrance exams students must complete in order to be college-ready.

College Information for Students & Families Through workshops offered at our Partner High Schools, UC Berkeley and local community colleges, EAOP provides information and resources for students, parents/guardians and family members on the social and financial benefits of a college degree, the pathways to higher education, and student financial aid.

Who is my EAOP Advisor?

Hello Students & Parents!

My name is Ms. Cruz, and I am your EAOP and DCAC (Destination College Advising Corps) College Advisor. I am very happy to be here at Tennyson this year, and to become part of the Lancer family. It is my goal to meet with as many of you Lancers as possible this year to inform you all of the endless options you have available after high school! In addition, I would like to meet as many of you parents as possible too, so that we can discuss the ways in which you can best support your students in their journeys to graduation and beyond. It will not be an easy journey but it definitely will be worth it. I look forward to meeting you and working together for a brighter future!

My contact information is on the top right hand corner of this page. If you would like an appointment with me, please email me. If you have any questions, please feel free to call, email, or visit me.


Ms. Cruz

What are my options after high school??

5 steps to FAFSA!

EAOP's Next Step Summit

EAOP's College Admissions' Campaign

2015 THS Community College Series

Destination College Advising Corps(DCAC)
College Advising Corps

More Information About Us!

EAOP @ UC Berkeley:

EAOP Statewide: www.

Center for Educational Partnerships @ UCB:

Destination College @ UCB:

Ms. Cruz, EAOP College Advisor

Available M-TH 9:30AM- 5:00PM in the College & Career Center (B5)

Email me: 

Call me: (510)723-3190 x63112

Hablo español! Si tiene algunas preguntas porfavor mandeme un correo electronico, llameme, o visiteme en el Centro de Colegios y Carreras en la clase B5.

Need more assistance??

Adriana B. Garibay
University of California Berkeley
Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP)
Regional Manager- James Logan, Mt.Eden & Tennyson High Schools

2150 Kittredge Street, Suite 3A
Berkeley, CA 94720-1060
(510) 812-0629- Work Cell Phone
(510)642-2364- Office
(510) 643-5827- Fax

Available @ Tennyson High School on Mondays!



Useful Links for all Students

You Can Go!

Five Ways ED Pays!

Who Do You Want 2B?

Get Schooled!

California Colleges One Stop Information:

University of California:

California Community Colleges:

California Private Colleges:

Explore Major at different California Colleges:

Make sure to take the classes that count for college!:

Information for Seniors

Financial Aid Season is Here!! Make sure to look out for Cash for College on February 5th to fill out your FAFSA or DREAM ACT. If you are not sure which one you should fill out, please be sure to stop the College & Career Center for more information.

Check out these websites about information about financial aid:

Check out this financial aid check list for Seniors:

Are you or have you ever been in foster care? Check out this grant!

Check out this EAOP/DCAC Winter Checklist for Seniors:

Check out these January Reminders for Seniors!

Information for Juniors

Make sure to start practicing for the SAT! There are SAT prep books in the College & Career Center for you to use.

Make sure you are taking the classes that count! Visit Ms. Cruz to create an Individual Academic Plan to evaluate if you are on track for college.

Check out this EAOP/DCAC Junior Winter Checklist:

Check out this Junior Check List(make sure to scroll down):


Information for Sophomores

We have a few spots available in EAOP for sophomores. If you are interested please stop by the College & Career Center to pick up an application. You will find out if you have been accepted into EAOP until after semester grades.

Make sure you are taking the classes that count. Visit Ms. Cruz to create an Individual Academic Plan to make sure you are on the right track for college.

Check out this EAOP/DCAC Sophomore Winter Checklist:


Information for Freshmen

If you would like to join EAOP, please stop by the College & Career Center to pick up an application. You can apply now but you will not be notified about being in the program until after semester grades.

Colleges are looking for leaders. Be sure to sharpen your leadership skills by joining a school club, an outside club, or by volunteering locally. If you want to know of some opportunities, visit the College & Career Center.