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School Profile

Mission & Vision

Mission Statement
Our mission is to support Tennyson High School students in growing into responsible and productive citizens and to promote high standards of learning that we expect all students to achieve. 

Vision Statement
Our vision is to provide a positive and productive learning environment where students develop as critical thinkers who are articulate, skilled, and compassionate.  We believe all students, provided adequate time, effort, discipline, and support, will be able to read, write, and speak at a level that fully prepares them for college or to fulfill other career goals.  

Tennyson Lancer Code 
(Schoolwide Learner Outcomes, or “ESLRs”)
Life-long and Reflective Learners
Analytical and Creative Thinkers
Neat and Organized Scholars
Collaborative and Communicative Workers
Empowered and Engaged Citizens
Respectful and Courageous Upstanders  
Smart and Informed Decision Makers