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If a scholarship is listed as Yes for Local than it is one open only to students in Hayward, Bay Area, or Northern California and is one that a Tennyson student (or students) is likely to get.  If you need to focus your time, spend more time on these than on the non-local ones.

THS Scholarships Page

Check out Tennyson's scholarship page at

Click here for a printable version of the scholarship list.

You may also search for scholarships on the internet at

Things to keep in mind when using these scholarship search engines:

  • It shouldn't cost money to gain money - be wary of sites and scholarships that charge a fee.  Do not pay to apply for a scholarship!
  • Be wary of companies that charge you a fee to find grants and scholarships for you - everyone can apply for free on their own.
  • If you are told you received an award for which you never applied, be wary!  
  • If you join one of the scholarship search sites, such as, be aware that you may be signing yourself up for lots of junk mail/email. You will also be subject to ads, such as ads for profit schools, within the site to keep the site free - just skip the ads to get to the list of scholarships.
  • You may come across 'contest' or 'raffle' type of scholarships through these search engines - consider the amount of time you will need to spend vs. the chance of winning, as these generally have a very low chance. It may be better to focus on ones that involve an essay that someone will actually read!

Note: If you are deciding between spending your time on a local scholarship vs national scholarship - you will have a better chance at earning a local scholarship.

Outside Resources:

Article on finding outside scholarships:

Scholarships for minority students: 

Scholarships for undocumented students:

Scholarships for Native Americans:

East Bay Consortium Scholarship Directory:

Essay topics likely to win money:

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